Office of the Provost

Susan M. Studds, PhD Provost National Intelligence University
Susan M. Studds, PhD

Welcome to the National Intelligence University (NIU) Web site.

As the Provost and Senior Academic Officer of the NIU, I encourage you to explore our curriculum, programs and opportunities. All are designed and intended to instill an appreciation and awareness of strategic intelligence and how our Intelligence Community (IC) supports decision-makers and commanders at the highest levels of national security.

The University has two outstanding academic institutions where students can earn degrees and certificates in intelligence. The College of Strategic Intelligence (CSI) offers a Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence (MSSI) as well as a Bachelor of Science in Intelligence (BSI), and our School of Science and Technology Intelligence (SST) awards a Master of Science and Technology Intelligence (MSTI) degree. As you browse through the courses of study, keep in mind that all of our educational experiences stress intelligence community knowledge, critical and creative thinking, communications skills and global awareness. Regardless of which degree you decide to pursue, our bottom line is to improve your ability to serve not only in the Intelligence Community, but in the entire national security policy process.

In addition to our degree and certificate programs, the NIU also has outstanding programs in intelligence research and international outreach. The Center for Strategic Intelligence Research (CSIR) produces high quality intelligence centered research through its association with the CSI and SST, and manages its own research fellows program where mid and high level intelligence professionals can take time to fully focus on in-depth research of a topic important to their area of responsibility. Our Center for International Engagement (CIE) manages a number of programs that include not only officers from nations of traditional alliances but non-aligned states as well. In these forums, the NIU provides an academic venue for officers from a variety of backgrounds to discuss intelligence issues and methods of cooperation. Our students are encouraged to participate and support all of these programs.

I am confident that a thorough review of our web site will convince you that the NIU stands as a superb opportunity for federal employees with the proper clearances to expand their vision from the tactical to the strategic, from the local to the global, and from the agency to the IC. Thanks for visiting our web site. Please don’t hesitate to contact my office if we can be of help to you.

Susan M. Studds, PhD
Provost, National Intelligence University