oettinger_12312013_smallA GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE NIU programs begin with an overview of the global strategic environment and the issues affecting intelligence and U.S. national security. NIU academics focus on analyzing the complexity and dynamics of not only military capabilities, but also political, economic, social, ethnic, and cultural elements, as a means to understand adversaries and allies. In addition to the global strategic context of the threats to national security, the integration of collection and analysis and other key intelligence officer competencies is embedded throughout the core curriculum.

INTELLIGENCE IN A DYNAMIC GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT The NIU programs are designed to facilitate intelligence with concentrated in-depth study on externally driven events, recognizing that analysts and collectors must have a global perspective and understand the interconnected nature and interactions within the strategic environment. Quality intelligence products are characterized by an understanding of leadership’s requirements, and precise, timely collection with accurate analysis derived using sound methodologies that encourage collaboration and coordination within the community. Therefore, the curricula focus on developing and applying analytical skills to systematically translate world events into products that identify and fill intelligence gaps.

NATIONAL SECURITY The Intelligence Community must function inside a complex national security structure and process, while understanding and challenging traditional paradigms to meet the threats posed within the global strategic environment. NIU programs prepare students to be conversant with strategic intelligence demands and to understand how the executive branch coordinates intelligence and informs the national security policy customers on military, diplomatic,informational, and economic issues.

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