Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence (MSSI)

Tighe Auditorium

What does the term “Strategic Intelligence” mean? At the National Intelligence University, it means the role played by the entire Intelligence Community in supporting the processes, development and execution of the United States’ national security strategy. It encompasses regional as well as global issues; military and civilian concerns; political and technical processes; and includes the assessment of physical, cultural and economic environmental considerations.

The Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence covers the entire U.S. Intelligence Community and its mission, the environment in which it must function, and the potential adversaries it may deal with now and in the future. The program also focuses on the intelligence required to support the National Security Strategy and component strategies. The National Intelligence University, through the MSSI program, brings together students from across the entire Intelligence Community, including its military elements. By studying with and about each other’s agencies, and being guided by the NIU faculty through curricula on global issues, regional studies, intelligence practices, and capabilities (including those of potential adversaries), MSSI graduates earn a broader understanding of the entire IC, its challenges, and its role in supporting national security strategy.

The profession of intelligence and its role in supporting national security strategy requires mastery of much more than an individual skill or discipline. It requires an understanding of  the Intelligence Community and its agencies, and the IC’s relationship with policymakers and other leaders. Educated intelligence professionals are expected to understand the interaction among national intelligence, allied intelligence services, and domestic national security communities. Strategic intelligence requires an expansive vision of an integrated world.

The Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence program educates students on the components and sum of the parts that the Intelligence Community comprises, the environment in which it functions, and the nature of the threats facing the United States. The MSSI course of study also evaluates the national security strategy for dealing with the threat(s), and the IC’s support of that strategy. This knowledge is intended to help the student comprehend the nature of the intelligence needed to support the strategies for national security, intelligence, and defense of the United States.