Transfer Credit Policy

For the Bachelor of Science in Intelligence (BSI) Program, NIU:

  • Accepts undergraduate transfer credits for the BSI program provided they are a) from a regionally-accredited institution and b) earned a grade of “C” or higher.
  • Accepts a maximum of 50 quarter hours of credit from testing, military training, and experiential learning that has been evaluated by the American Council of Education (ACE) for the undergraduate program only.
  • Does not accept transfer credits for any required courses in the BSI curriculum.

For the Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence (MSSI), and the Master of Science and Technology Intelligence (MSTI) programs, NIU:

  • Accepts a maximum of six quarter credits of graduate-level classes for the MSSI and MSTI degree programs, provided the credits are a) from a regionally accredited institution, b) earned a grade of “B” or higher, c) relevant to the NIU degree being sought, and d) were earned within the past five years.
  • Allows the Deans to set additional transfer requirements for their respective degree programs, provided these requirements are published in places accessible to current and prospective students and faculty.
  • Does not accept transfer credits for any courses in the NIU core curriculum.

Transfer Credit Policy

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