Apply to Certificates of Intelligence Studies (CIS) and Continuing Education

The Certificate of Intelligence Studies (CIS) offers students who already possess an undergraduate or graduate degree the option of studying specific intelligence issues without degree enrollment.

Students obtain certification in an area of intelligence studies upon successful completion of four CIS courses. The goal of the program is to enhance the U.S. Intelligence Community’s ability to identify and exploit foreign denial and deception activities. Learn More

Program Formats

CIS programs are offered in the part-time format. Students take one class per quarter for four consecutive quarters. Continuing education students may apply no more than two classes to the MSSI/MSTI degree program. We encourage you to apply to the degree program before completing the CE/certificate course.

Application Process for Certificate of Intelligence Studies (CIS) Programs and Continuing Education

First, ensure you meet the eligibility requirements. Second, provide the following materials by the posted deadline:

The Leadership and Management in the Intelligence Community certificate program requires a Statement of Purpose (500-word unclassified essay-typed and double spaced explaining):

  • Your motivation for pursuing the Leadership and Management in the
    Intelligence Community certificate program.
  • Your professional goals and objectives.
  • What you achieved in your education or career that enhances your
    capabilities to undertake this certificate program.

Applicants for the Leadership and Management in the IC certificate must be nominated by their agency’s human resources/training office or branch of service detailer/branch manager/function manager.

Send All Admissions Material To:

Defense Intelligence Agency
Attn: 7400 Pentagon
NIU 1-A, Office of Enrollment Services
Washington, DC 20301-7400
Fax: (301) 227-7067

NIU Privacy Act Statement

THE NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE UNIVERSITY (NIU) STUDENT DATA The Privacy Act of Public Law 93-579 requires Federal Agencies which collect personal information from individuals to inform each individual of the following: 1. Authority: 44USC3101 and 3102 Establishment of Program Management. 2. Principal Purpose: To record information solicited from and furnished by individuals nominated to attend courses of instruction of the NIU. 3. Routine Use: Used in preparation of tentative and final class rosters for official University use, biographic data on students, statistical studies, attendance verification, historical records, alumni surveys, academic/fitness reports, and other official correspondence. 4. Disclosure and Effects: Disclosure of information by the applicant is voluntary. However, non-disclosure may result in errors in reporting course completion, incomplete statistical comparisons, non-receipt of security clearance, errors in historical files, incomplete student academic/fitness reports, and non-receipt of official correspondence.