Homeland Intelligence Certificate

Homeland Security Certificate

This graduate certificate in Homeland Intelligence provides Intelligence Community professionals with an in-depth examination and evaluation of intelligence gathered and used domestically by the intelligence, law enforcement and private sectors to address the significant national security threats that face the United States. Intelligence areas covered within this program span border security, transportation security, terrorism, counterterrorism, homegrown violent extremists, cyber threats, and transnational organized crime. Additionally, this certificate examines critical issues related to infrastructure protection, counterterrorism and homeland warning.

The Homeland Intelligence certificate program is delivered through four consecutive evening courses. The last course (Homeland Intelligence Warning Field Engagement) includes a week-long exercise that requires students to report to the National Intelligence University during normal business hours. Requirements include pre- and post-course work to include reading assignments, group projects, and written deliverables such as research papers, essays, and exams.


  • Intelligence to Protect the Homeland
  • Countering the Terrorist Threat
  • Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment
  • Homeland Intelligence Warning Field Engagement

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