Leadership and Management in the Intelligence Community


This certificate program provides Intelligence Community professionals with an educational experience in a collaborative interagency environment that furthers knowledge and use of leadership theory and practice, organizational management skills, national security law and ethics, and the role of intelligence in national security policy formulation.

The Leadership and Management in the Intelligence Community certificate program is delivered through four consecutive courses. Each of the four courses meets in the classroom for one week, approximately every two to three months, over a 10-month period. Requirements include pre- and post-course work to include reading assignments, group projects, and written deliverables such as research papers, essays, and exams. The certificate culminates in a group capstone exercise, administered as part of the deliverables for the fourth course.

Each agency is invited to nominate two students (in priority order) as rising leaders, from any job series and background, with 10 years of related professional experience in the IC or comparable experience in intelligence/national security related activities.


  • Leadership and Intelligence
  • Leadership, Intelligence and National Security Decision-making
  • National Security Law and Ethics
  • Organizational Management and Change

For full course descriptions, please see our Catalog.