Nominations are required for:

  All full-time study programs

MSSI programs at NGA and NSA graduate centers

MSSI/MSTI Program for Reserves

 The DIA (daytime) Cohort of the MSSI/MSTI programs

Leadership and Management Certificate of Intelligence Studies program

Nominations are not required for individuals applying for part-time study in the Evening MSSI/MSTI, the Monthly Executive MSSI/MSTI, the Space-Available MSSI/MSTI, Continuing Education, or all other certificate programs besides the Leadership and Management Certificate of Intelligence Studies.


  1. Applicants should contact their education, training or human resources personnel to determine the nomination process for their particular organization or branch of service and to discuss deadlines.
  2. Nominations must be submitted by your education, training, or human resource authority to the NIU Admissions Office three weeks prior to the application deadline.
  3. The nomination should be written memo style on official US government letterhead or a completed US Government Standard Form 182.
  4. E-mailed nominations must be received directly from the education, training or human resource authority’s e-mail, and sent to
  5. Applicants for program formats requiring a nomination will only be considered for admission when a nomination is received by NIU Admissions. Please make sure you call or e-mail the NIU Admissions office to ensure receipt.