Dedication of the Paul Kozemchak Library of Science & Technology Intelligence

The  late  Paul  Kozemchak  at  the  dedication  of  the  library  named  in  his  honor,  2017  (photo  by  NIU.)

In 2017, the National Intelligence University was privileged to dedicate Paul Kozemchak’s personal book collection as the new “Paul Kozemchak Library of Science & Technology Intelligence”.

Spanning 1951 to 2011, the 1,505 books donated by the late Kozemchak cover a range of eclectic subjects, giving insight to the mind of a DARPA analyst. The largest concentration of books are in four general subjects: military science, social sciences, general science, and world history, however, it also includes books on philosophy, law, the fine arts, and even science fiction novels.

The donation serves as the core of the Oettinger School’s print research library and is of great value to students of science and technology intelligence now, and for years to come. In 2019, through a kind benefactor, the University was able to complement the collection with a personal plaque and inscription that embodied Paul’s commitment to and support of the U.S. Intelligence Community. It is a fitting tribute to an exceptional person.