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Welcome New Students! To help you prepare for your upcoming studies, we recommend the following readings. This list is optional; you are not required to complete these readings prior to the start of classes. However, if you do complete some or all of these readings you will be better prepared to begin your educational program.


Disclaimer: “The Recommended Readings are intended to stimulate critical thinking and enhance professional development. The selection of books should not be construed as an explicit or implicit endorsement of particular publications, or the authors’ or publishers’ views or interpretations.”

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NATIONAL GUIDANCE (5 Selected Readings)

image004U.S. Constitution
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The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the United States of America.It is the framework for the organization of the United States government and for the relationship of the federal government with the states, citizens, and all people within the United States.

image006National Security Strategy May 2010
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The overview of the report states, “Our national security strategy is, therefore, focused on renewing American leadership so that we can more effectively advance our interests in the 21st century. We will do so by building upon the sources of our strength at home, while shaping an international order that can meet the challenges of our time. This strategy recognizes the fundamental connection between our national security, our national competitiveness, resilience, and moral example.

image008The National Intelligence Strategy 2014
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The 2014 National Intelligence Strategy (NIS) presents the way ahead for the Intelligence Community (IC) to operate as a fully integrated and agile enterprise. Against the backdrop of an increasingly complex and interconnected world, the NIS calls for deepening our understanding of both threats and opportunities to enable wise decisions and effective action.

image009The National Defense Strategy 2008
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The 2008 National Defense Strategy outlines how the Department of Defense will meet the objectives of the 2006 National Security Strategy, “including the need to strengthen alliances and build new partnerships to defeat global terrorism and prevent attacks against us, our allies, and our friends; prevent our enemies from threatening us, our allies, and our friends with weapons of mass destruction (WMD).”

image010National Intelligence: A Consumer’s Guide, 2009
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The 2008 National Intelligence: Consumer’s Guide 2009 gives a thorough overview of the Intelligence Community and intelligence process and has information about all the federal organizations, agencies and departments involved in gathering intelligence, from the National Clandestine Service (NCS) to the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate (WMDD). It includes a glossary of intelligence terms and long list of acronyms and abbreviations.

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image011Psychology of Intelligence Analysis
Author: Heuer, Richards J
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Psychology of Intelligence Analysis pulls together and republishes, with some editing, updating, and additions, articles written during 1978-86 for internal use within the CIA Directorate of Intelligence. The information is relatively timeless and still relevant to the never-ending quest for better analysis. The result is a compromise that may not be wholly satisfactory to either research psychologists or intelligence analysts.

image012Analytic Culture in the US Intelligence Community: an Ethnographic Study
Author: Johnston, Rob.
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FOREWORD: It is a rare season when the intelligence story in the news concerns intelligence analysis, not secret operations abroad. The United States is having such a season as it debates whether intelligence failed in the run-up to both September 11 and the second Iraq war, and so Rob Johnston’s wonderful book is perfectly timed to provide the back-story to those headlines.

image013Strategy: Second Revised Edition
Author: Liddell Hart, Basil Henry
ISBN: 9780452010710

This is the classic book on war as we know it. During his long life, Basil H. Liddell Hart was considered one of the world’s foremost military thinkers–a man generally regarded as the “Clausewitz of the 20th century.” Liddell Hart stressed movement, flexibility, surprise. He saw that in most military campaigns dislocation of the enemy’s psychological and physical balance is prelude to victory.

image015Intelligence: From Secrets to Policy. 6th ed.
Author: Lowenthal, Mark M
ISBN: 9781483307787

Intelligence veteran Mark M. Lowenthal details how the intelligence community’s history, structure, procedures, and functions affect policy decisions. With his friendly prose, he demystifies a complicated and complex process. Rich with examples and anecdotes, Intelligence also includes bolded key terms, an acronym list, suggested readings and websites.

image016Silent Warfare: Understanding the World of Intelligence. 3rd ed.
Author: Shulsky, Abram N., and Gary J. Schmitt
ISBN: 9781574883459

A thoroughly updated revision of the first comprehensive overview of intelligence designed for both the student and the general reader, Silent Warfare is an insider’s guide to a shadowy, often misunderstood world.

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image017The World is Flat: A Brief History of the 21st Century
Author: Friedman, Thomas L
ISBN: 9780374292881

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman presents this timely, indispensable update on globalization, its successes and shortcomings, with the same urgent curiosity, panache, and illumination that has earned him three Pulitzer Prizes.

image018Monsoon: The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power
Author: Kaplan, Robert.
ISBN: 9781400067466

Perspectives on the balance of power vary from country to country and speaker to speaker, but most agree that India and China are the ascending powers in the region. Touching on what could threaten maritime traffic, such as piracy, ethnic conflicts, or hostile control of choke points like the Strait of Malacca, Kaplan is guardedly optimistic that interested powers.

image019The Accidental Guerrilla: Fighting Small Wars in the Midst of a Big One
Author: Kilcullen, David.
ISBN: 9780195368345

Kilcullen, adviser on counterinsurgency to General Petraeus, defines accidental guerrillas as locals fighting primarily because outsiders (often Westerners) are intruding into their physical and cultural space, but they may also be galvanized by high-tech, internationally oriented ideologues.

image020Cuckoo’sEgg: Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage
Author: Stoll, Clifford.
ISBN: 9780743411462

A 75-cent discrepancy in billing for computer time led Stoll, an astrophysicist working as a systems manager at a California laboratory, on a quest that reads with the tension and excitement of a fictional thriller.

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Your ability to write properly, clearly and effectively will play a major role in your success. All of you will complete numerous research papers and the graduate students will write a thesis. To enhance your writing skills, consider the Strunk and White book, Elements of Style, and Shertzer’s Elements of Grammar. Both of these are thin texts, inexpensive and very easy to reference. The Turabian book, A Manual for Writers, is the primary style guide for your research papers and the graduate thesis.

image021The Craft of Research. 3 Ed.
Author: Booth, Wayne C., Gregory G. Colomb and Joseph M. Williams
ISBN: 9780226065663

“A well-constructed, articulate reminder of how important fundamental questions of style and approach, such as clarity and precision, are to all research.” – Times Literary Supplement

image022Elements of Grammar
Author: Shertzer, Margaret.
ISBN: 9780028614496

The essential guide to refining and improving grammar – from the basics of sentence structure to the art of composing written works. A concise, comprehensive handbook of the basic rules of grammar and usage that presents invaluable tips on how to implement these rules in everyday writing and speaking.

image023Elements of Style. 4th Ed.
Author: Strunk, William & E.B. White
ISBN: 9780205309023

The Elements of Style, the classic style manual, now in a fourth edition. A new Foreword by Roger Angell reminds readers that the advice of Strunk & White is as valuable today as when it was first offered.This book’s unique tone, wit and charm have conveyed the principles of English style to millions of readers.

image025A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. 8th Ed.
Author: Turabian, Kate L.
ISBN: 9780226816388

This new edition of Turabian also reflects the way students work today, taking into account the role of online resources in the preparation and presentation of their papers. The familiar organization of this popular book remains largely unchanged.

There are also several websites that will test your writing and provide guidance. Two such sites are listed below.

Purdue Online Writing Lab

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