NIU Student Nominations

Nominations for NIU Students, generally by those under whom they have studied or worked for in the IC.  Nominated applications are not accepted from the candidates themselves. A letter of nomination should include an assessment of the candidate’s work and promise, i.e. a full letter of recommendation, and also provide complete contact information for the candidate, including current residential address and email address, and the names, mailing addresses, and email addresses of three additional people who agree to write letters of recommendation by the date requested when they are contacted by the Society. Nominators cannot list themselves as a referee. People of any nationality and interested in any field of study are eligible for these fellowships, and candidates may be renominated. Nominees should be of the highest caliber of intellectual achievement, i.e., manifesting extraordinary creativity and shaping the future direction of their chosen fields.
Nominations are required to apply to the:
  • In-Residence (Full-time) MSSI Program
  • In-Residence (Full-time) MSTI Program
  • In-Residence (Full-time) BSI Program
  • Part-time Graduate Certificate Program in Leadership and Management in the Intelligence Community
  • Part-time Monthly Program for Reserve/National Guard
  1. Applicants should contact their home organizations to determine specific internal nomination processes and deadlines.
  2. Nominations should be written as a memorandum on official US Government letterhead or a completed US Government Standard Form 182.
  3. Nominations must be submitted by home organization to NIU Admissions Office at least three weeks prior to the application deadline.
  4. Applicants for program formats requiring a nomination will only be considered for admission when the applicant’s nomination is received by NIU Admissions.  Applicants should call or email NIU Admissions office to ensure receipt.
  5. Members of the Reserve/National Guard must have a nomination from their respective service if they wish to participate in the one weekend a month/two-week summer intensive program format of the Monthly Program.
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