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College of Strategic Intelligence

The College of Strategic Intelligence (CSI) constitutes the largest of NIU's programs. It currently has more than 600 students in varying stages of the program and more than 60 instructors who serve as full and part-time faculty. The CSI is where students earn the Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence (MSSI), the Bachelor of Science in Intelligence (BSI), and the Certificates of Intelligence Studies (CIS). Students in the MSSI program study the global environment, frameworks of analysis, intelligence collection, national strategy and logical reasoning.

Anthony G. Oettinger School of
Science and Technology Intelligence

The National Intelligence University Anthony G. Oettinger School of Science and Technology Intelligence (SSTI) prepares students for careers at the forefront of science and technology intelligence by offering a Master of Science and Technology Intelligence degree program.

Dynamic Environment

NIU programs are designed to facilitate intelligence with concentrated in-depth study on externally driven events, recognizing that analysts and collectors must have a global perspective and understand the interconnected nature and interactions within the strategic environment. Quality intelligence products are characterized by an understanding of leader’s requirements, precise, timely collection and accurate analysis derived using sound methodologies that encourage collaboration and coordination within the IC. Therefore, the curricula focus on developing and applying analytical skills to systematically translate world events into products that identify and fill intelligence gaps. 

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