College of Strategic Intelligence


The College of Strategic Intelligence endeavors to improve the global and cultural awareness of military and civilian intelligence professionals to provide them frameworks and tools for critical analysis. We seek to instill in-depth knowledge of the Intelligence Community (IC) and its support of the national security policy process and to enhance their ability to consider the role and desired impact of intelligence at the strategic level, in addition to the role played by their particular agency.

In addition to their academic experience, NIU students interact with students and faculty from other IC agencies and military branches and complete coursework and research at the Top Secret level.   

CSI students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Intelligence (BSI) degree, a Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence (MSSI) degree, or a Certificate in Intelligence Studies (CIS).  Students in the MSSI program study the global environment, frameworks of analysis, intelligence collection, national strategy and logical reasoning.  Students also have the opportunity to take elective courses ranging from regional concerns to transnational threats.  Students must also complete a graduate thesis.

The BSI is an undergraduate completion program where students complete 57 credits that focus entirely on intelligence. It includes the completion of a capstone project exploring a contemporary intelligence issue.

The Certificate in Intelligence Studies is offered in a range of topics including:

  • Africa, China: Collection Concern
  • Counterintelligence
  • Strategic Intelligence in Special Operations
  • IC Leadership and Management
  • Russia/Eurasia, and Homeland Intelligence.
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